Well That’s Not Good


Being the person that I am, I showed some decency toward a older lady. He husband was recently put into a nursing home. Her youngest daughter’s boyfriend verbally abused her. So I was nice to her. As it turns out my neighborly well wishes were taken to heart so much that anytime she needed something she would knock on my door. Once she walked over for a glass of water. I finally told her that I was having some issues with her company. It was just a little too needy and too often. I softened it and was polite as possible about it, but it was just enough to get her to understand. So she left me alone for a while.

Last Monday however… ahem. She was walking down the street and I didn’t see her. I was a little startled. I smiled in kindness and was turning back towards my driveway when she spoke. Uh oh, I thought to myself. She asked me how I was doing. So I said, Okay. The voices aren’t as bad. They put me on a new antidepressant. She actually squealed in delight! So this means we can be neighbors again! Notice she didn’t ask me? She made a declarative statement. Today she has been at my home twice. I am on the fringe here. This is really aggravating the voices. All I can say now… Well that’s not good.

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Ramona Osborn Parry
I'm typically a laid back person, and I tend to avoid conflict until I've had enough. So here I am at mesofusionmedia. I write a good portion of material on neutral topics, however I am a never Trumper. The disgust I have for this administration goes to my core. However before Trump, I called myself a Republican. So what do I do without a party? I’m looking at my options. I'm leaning towards Independent. Although I’m agreeing with Democrats more and more. I still feel like an outsider, but there is one thing I know, I love this country. I love that I have three Marines in my immediate family. I'm patriotic but Trump has put a bitter taste in my mouth. He's NOT my guy. Other than that I hope you enjoy the topics I choose to write about.


  1. The voices are okay, so long as you don’t ever actually do what they say to do. Remember, thoughts not illegal, overt actions are! Stay strong, the struggle us REAL!

  2. People like that bother me. I lived in a dive apartment once and was kind hearted for a while. I just moved out here so it was a studio in a kind of shady place while I was setting up. There were a lot of old folks there and all of the young ones had some serious addiction problems. All of the young people living there and even a few of the old folks who liked to drink a lot would come by and ask me for everything. Do you have a ciggarette (I was a smoker before), booze, food, plan my birthday party. I was the only one working in the whole place it seemed and they really liked to feed off that. Once, in the dead of Denver winter there was a snow storm full swing, and this one girl had enough nerve to complain that she would have to walk in the snow to the gas station for her ciggarettes if I didn’t give her a ride or a ciggarette. So later, I hung a sign on my door that was a parody of Green Eggs and Ham, I will not take you here or there, I will not take you anywhere, I will not give you smokes or cokes, I will not give it in a box . . . .yada yada yada. It stopped pretty quickly after that. But then I was an asshole. Didn’t care much after that anyway. Cheers to you for having a good heart, but dam people do love taking advantage of kindess.

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