Why Didn’t Republicans Object in 2016?


Back in 2016 President Trump called the election “rigged”. He insisted that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally. Similarly he attacked the legitimacy of the 2020 election. He has made all kinds of accusations about fraud and illegal votes. However, you may have noticed a significant difference. Why didn’t Republicans object in 2016?

What Senator Cruz asked for in 2020.

 I look to history to the precedent of the 1876 election, the Hayes Tilden election where this Congress appointed an electoral commission to examine claims of voter fraud, five house members, five senators, five Supreme Court justices, examined the evidence and rendered a judgment.

And what I would urge of this body is that we do the same. That we have pointed electoral commission to conduct a 10-day emergency audit, consider the evidence, and resolve the claims. 

Senator Ted Cruz

So why didn’t Ted Cruz demand the same thing in 2016? President Trump and his supporters were claiming fraud then as well. The answer, sadly and simply put, is that Ted Cruz is a complete fraud. If his party wins in an election that people call fraudulent, hurry up and certify it. If, however, his party loses such an election? Stop the process so Ted can read Green Eggs and Ham to his children while the nation awaits the settling of the business they pay him to handle.

Why didn't Republicans object in 2016?

So why didn’t Republicans object in 2016?

First and foremost, because they won. However, in 2016 they could at least claim integrity. After all, President Trump swore to investigate voter fraud once he got in. Hence they accepted his win, and awaited the results of his investigation. Thus if it was revealed that Hillary actually won, they could keep the office but say they fixed things moving forward.

What Republicans want you to ignore now is that President Trump did indeed investigate his claims of widespread voter fraud. Why? Because the commission found evidence of 1,000 cases of vote fraud. Since 1948.

Perhaps President Trump’s greatest accomplishment is to emphatically disprove the notion of widespread vote fraud. However, he can’t tout this feat because he has to lie about his loss in 2020. Why didn’t Republicans object in 2016? Because they were babysitting the same petulant child then that they are now. Except that time, he won.

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