Sincerely, The women who actually DO IT.

This video is floating around the internet.

(The link is no longer available. It was deleted, but it was posted by a blonde woman, with a big mouth filter, telling the rest of the women in the world how miserable they are for not standing in line in their gender roles)

This video is a rant by a woman who is talking about women in their gender roles, being disrespectful toward your husband, and what duties a woman should take care of.

She starts by ranting about how women should behave, especially if they are married or in a relationship.

I’d like to go over a few things in response to it. . . After reading some of the comments in both agreement and disagreement, I’d like to just get my own in there.

She starts her rant off with 2 questions “Do you not understand what being a woman is?’ And “Do you not understand what being married is?”

Then she goes off into a rant about being respectful. Then about cooking. Then about changing the oil in your car. She gives off a bunch of insults toward women who are “Bitches.”

She did make a good comment about it being a “Team effort,” but shortly after said “We’re easily swooned by men,” then a bunch of other insulting and backhanded advice.

First, I am going to start by giving her credit where its due. She said that “It’s a team effort.” And that part is relatively true. I like to think of it like basketball, when one can’t make the shot, you pass it to your mate.

But to answer her question “What does it mean to be a woman.”

                Okay, ready? I am only going to say it once. Concentrate real hard. . . wait for it.

Being a woman means whatever you want it to mean.

You like art? Be an artist.

You’re a bitch? That man can love you just the way you are.

You like fixing cars? Fix them cars doll. We love it.

You are depressed and miserable? He can cheer you up.

You don’t like to cook? He can cook or we can hire a chef baby. We can eat out.

You like playing fantasy football and fort-nite? Play it.

You can’t carry the couch, and you don’t want to cook? Hire a handyman.

You complain? Keep on complaining until your voice is heard, we hear you girl. We hear you.

You don’t want to stay home with the kids and go to work? Good, get that money girl.

Women do not have to stay in relationships that do not make them happy to support the idea of a gender based role they are supposed to fit into.

Women can be whom ever they choose to be, be it a scientist, a mechanic, or a philosopher.

Women can also stay in the kitchen, cook, clean, and raise children, if that is what they desire.

It has absolutely no bearing on whether or not they are being dis-respectful to a man if they choose not to cook, clean, or do gender based tasks. Being married is NOT about what you can DO for the other person. Being married is about LOVE and RESPECT.

So, when a woman doesn’t know how to cook, why do we complain about taking her to eat? If a man wants a woman to cook for him, shouldn’t he find one who can cook, or expect to be eating out?

If a woman doesn’t like something, she has every right to complain about it. She is voicing her opinion and her thoughts or feelings.

If a woman is “Bitchy” she has every right to be upset, angry, or frustrated because she is allowed to “feel” things and disagree.

Okay. Moving on. Second question.

Do you know what it means to be married?




3. . . . .

It means being in a loving relationship with someone you deeply care for, without condition or expectation.

We stay so busy in our daily lives and forget that we are supposed to first LOVE our partner before anything else, and that while we all have certain obligations to our marriages, our selves, our jobs, and roles, that we maybe forget that first we need to LOVE each other.


  1. I hear you roar, woman. I hear you roar. 😎

    Now, my question. If being a woman means whatever you want it to mean, does that extend to transgender people? In other words, if a woman wants to be a man, is doing so staying within the bounds of acceptable “womanly” behavior? It could be a bit of a conundrum if you think about, however I do see a potential “out” for such a woman. Or man, as it were.

  2. I have no opinion on LBGQT people and what they consider manly or womanly, I am under the assumption that trans people are both or inherently undecided. Even so, just be yourself whoever that might be.

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